Saturday 31st July 2021

A Day in the Life:

Blog by Key Contributor Jacky


The adage is true: never judge a person until you’ve walked a thousand miles in their shoes… but I must say, it’s so hot lately that I’d struggle with just one! Mile of course, not step – I’m not that dramatic!

As an Alopecian so much time is invested in how I look, these are admittedly self-imposed routines to enable me to step out of the front door. Social anxieties, if you will.

Daily schedule:

Eyebrows, always these first, I use a brow powder and pencil set. 

Eyelashes, often a concern, missing in places, magnetic lashes seem impossible to apply, usually use a simple mascara to make the spiders legs appear.

Nails, pitted discoloured and white from the top down, always need a coat of varnish to touch up.

Sun protection – regardless of headwear and clothing, slather it all over - aging is real people!

Then headwear – what is the weather doing? Is it windy? How hot is it? Like now, if we’re honest it feels almost too hot to wear a wig all day comfortably. Hang on, where am I going? What will I need to look like to feel comfortable in my own self?

Then clothing, will it match if wearing a hat or turban? Nothing with a collar if wearing a wig, the friction is difficult, and it creates knotted hair and even breakage. I do have a water steamer for such eventualities.

Anyway, you’re starting to get the picture now. So far today my mascara has run as my eyes are watery from hay fever. I have changed my headwear 3 times from the beginning of the day when it took 4 attempts to find the right starting headwear. I am now in my lift-up soft cap topped with a very comfortable simple linen hat. Later I will probably have another change, possibly into a wig as I have to GO TO A SHOP, do I really have to get changed for this reason?!

Yes, it’s seemingly ridiculous behaviour, much alike I have a Las Vegas residency and a full set of stage looks ready to go, but it is also my routine and what gets me to work. My family are familiar with my ever-changing appearance and also are used to the sight of my wigs all around the house, especially at the end of the day, abandoned on the back of the sofa, tossed across the dining table. It’s an interesting sight…

When you begin to lose your hair there is a grieving process; feeling lost, misunderstood, alone, followed finally by anger or sorrow towards oneself.

Well, these are my feelings, everyone is different, and no one should tell you how to feel or how you should react to it as it is a very personal process to go through.

Remember how you felt after an awful haircut? Amplify that by a thousand and you are still not there. It hurts, you get a pain in your chest and then one day you forget, wake up and remember and repeat.

No amount of time has changed how I live day to day as an Alopecian, I miss my hair – there, that stopped me in my tracks, but it is the truth! At 46 I’ve little hope of it returning but the ability to believe always exists, I am a realist, but we all have to dream, don’t we?

In any case, what I have disclosed today offers a very brief snapshot into my daily get-through, that’s it, my coping mechanisms. I am sure you have your own ways and methods of navigating this rough world of existence, as harsh as it often seems.

So tell me, how do you function? What works for you? I’d love to hear your ideas and strategies for existing without hair.

Love Jacky xxx