About Jacky, Our Key Blog Contributor: Life as a Trendco Alopecian and now Cancer patient...

Hi, my name is Jacky! I am 44, a mum of two and proud co-owner of 2 Siamese boys.

I am lucky I found myself in the right place at the right time, I work in the best of worlds, where no one stares at your front hair line or questions why you look different today. I have the freedom to have good days and bad days and days where a Christine Headwear headscarf and a bright lipstick will have to do 😉

I lived solidly in the Trendco Codi or Erika in Strawberry Swirl for nearly 10 years, always in the grips questions such as ‘do I tell people?’ or ‘can they tell it’s a wig?’. Now, my appearance is quite different…

But does it matter? (what people think), of course it matters! If you worry about something, that’s your reason and like the rest of the Trendco team, I am here to help you with this!

For now, though, what I would like to do is take you on a journey, bringing you to where I am now and we can do this current, odd-existing/morale boosting experience together. You’re not alone!


Saturday 23rd May 2020

Be Kind To You; Chase Your Dreams
- Written by guest writer, Model/Actress Amber Jean Rowan from Hairfree.life



Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all keeping safe & well during these unsettling, curious times!
It’s been a real journey hasn’t it?

My name is Amber Jean Rowan; I’m Irish born & bred but have been living in London for the past 6 years. Luckily, in spite of recent times I have managed to escape the city and make my way back to spend this time with family in Ireland.

Why am I here, you may ask? Well, I have been hair free for almost 12 years now – Where has the time gone? My hair started falling out at 15 years old (so you can do the maths on my age if you must!).

My Alopecia journey has been an interesting one, to say the least, full of ups and downs! Like many of us.

Throughout my experiences in life the main thing that’s kept me positive & strong are the relationships around me. I’ve always been taught by those I keep around to dream & to seek out in life what you desire no matter what is going on!
From a very young age all I wanted was to be on the cover of the fashion magazines (superficial as it may seem now); I was obsessed with the idea of being an actress & a model!

But when my Alopecia crept in and I thought my dreams were over.

Nevertheless, I persevered. I faced tons of challenges (for example - being dropped by my modelling agency because my eyebrows started to fall out – that was a fun one!), but I kept positive people around me & worked my socks off!

I have to this day, a wonderful (sometimes challenging), acting and modelling career - Turns out a model/actress who wears wigs wasn’t that much of an issue anyway! I am proud to say that I have also covered a Fashion magazine.

We just need to believe in ourselves. Find strength & love from within. That is the message I want to give you during not only this pandemic, when so many of us are literally more alone than ever before, but during Mental Health Awareness Week.

As you may well know, the theme this year is kindness and I think that is the single most important lesson I have learned in my own little way.

You have to show yourself that kindness when you feel like the world isn’t. It would have been unkind for me to not follow my dreams, for me to accept the things I was facing as reasons to chip away at how I felt about myself.

I think this is something that those of us with Alopecia have to remember to do daily; to be kind to ourselves to stay strong.
One year ago I decided to set up Hair Free (www.hairfree.life @hairfreelife).

Hair Free is an online community that provides a safe space for men and women to talk about hair loss. It is also a creative place to gather information and hopefully inspiration!

Since Hair Free started I’ve been able to meet & connect with so many people that share similar experiences! It’s amazing! It’s allowed me to grow personally & feel even more comfortable in my own skin.

Hair Free gives you the opportunity to become a part of an empowered strong community!

During these times make sure you’re taking time just for you (when possible), time to tune in and see how you are feeling! Time to be kind to you! Be there for you, take yourself on a date!
For me yoga & long walks have been my saviour! If you would like any further tips you can find out some extra information here.

Lots of love from me, 

Amber Jean