Saturday 23trd October 2021

Alopecians vs Flamboyants:
Blog by Key Contributor Jacky


I have travelled a long and winding journey through having Alopecia and I was thinking a diagram would better explain what this looks like:

Jacky Diagram

Then I was thinking about people wearing wigs in film, television and in life and being proud like Dolly Parton, Rihanna, Barbara Windsor, Beyonce, Jordan and all the characters on Ru Paul’s drag race. I think a Venn Diagram might help here:

Jacky Diagram2

You may wonder where I am going with this but there is an irony between having hair loss and the confidence of others who choose to use wigs to enhance their personality and confidence, whist Alopecians are struggling to get out of their front door and doing whatever they can to feel some kind of “normal”.

There is a fashion of models shaving their hair, as someone with hair loss, I am not sure how I feel about this. I mean okay, I am sure, it’s annoying always tampering with your hair but it seems a shame when others can no longer grow their own bio hair. I was asked recently how I feel about people braving the shave for charity, well I’m happy, they are doing a good thing as we need real hair to make wigs and its raising money and awareness for a good cause! I am not sure how they will cope with the loss, of course, but then again I personally cannot imagine as I have had no bio hair on my head for decades… I guess it’s different when you have the knowledge that it will grow back as before…

It strikes me there is a real irony that people can wear wigs without fear of ridicule as they are parodies of their own selves. As alopecians we mostly live in the shadows of appearance and acceptance, how do we get over this? How do we move into a confidence and self-acceptance space? Firstly, with love, we must love ourselves and only from there can we move into a place where we can be happy.

If you do not feel happy, what can you do to make this change? Change is good for the soul and should not be a scary option but one of hope and optimism. Try something new, meet new people, open up, break down any barriers stopping you from being yourself.

Your road, like mine, may be much alike my diagram but I hope that in time you will agree that you can find peace in acceptance and be able to live your best life. Find comfort in your wig-wearing and non-wig-wearing appearance.

Live long and prosper.

Love Jacky xx