Saturday 2nd July 2022

Blood, Sweat and Wigs:
Blog by Guest Contributor Bradley


Regardless of how much we can try to block the messages we repeatedly see, and deny our thoughts, there is undeniably this societal pressure on us to shed a few pounds or tone up, which creeps up before we hit peak summer. Ironically, this is usually when it’s too already late – there is no quick fix, no remedy or special tea to get you to the place suggested. It leads me to wonder whether this is just a ploy to set us up for failure in that department and therefore spend more of our money on things to make us feel comforted? I’m sure that’s a separate conversation for another blog, one more dedicated to conspiracies, but you get my point.

You may wonder why we’re talking about exercise and diet fads, but I promise it is relevant. This is the second most popular time of the year for people to take on a new workout or diet fad on an unrealistic quest to change their physical selves. This means it is also the time at which we get more active, in a warmer climate, and sweat more than we did before.

It’s time for us to approach the topic of wearing wigs and exercise; can it be done and what steps can be taken to ensure your wig or hairpiece doesn’t suffer at the detriment of your decision to partake in that new routine?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable when exercising, and that extends to how confident you feel in yourself when you take that first step. Treating yourself to a nice new get-up is a sure way to get you feeling more invested in the activity. That extends to what you wear on your head. Christine Headwear offer a vast range of beautiful headwear items in soft, light, sweat-licking fabrics designed to help you regulate your body temperature, so if you find wearing your hair when active too hot then this is the perfect substitute.

An alternative to this, if wearing just headwear doesn’t have you feeling confident, is to utilise our Halo or Fringe Flair under headwear to give the illusion of hair showing from underneath the headwear.

Wearing headwear over a wig will keep your wig feeling more secure during rigorous activities, however, there is nothing to say that you even need to, but for those focusing on activities that don’t require so much movement you could simply just wear your wig! The wigs of today are made to withstand high winds and a lot of movement so generally you should trust in feeling secure in your wig regardless of the activity.

When it comes to exercise, one thing you’re really going to do is sweat, so its important to keep your wig cap cleaned correctly to stop that perspiration from breaking down the materials over time.

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Whether you’re exercising in or outdoors, or simply living your best life in the summer sun, remember it is important to keep your skin protected and your hair too!

B x